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Simple Shape Books for Your Little Author

11 Apr

Simple Covered Books for Your Little Author

10 Apr

Simple Accordion Books for Your Little Author

9 Apr

You can also use a pre-folded map as pages for the book.

Thank You Notes?

29 Dec

Your child has just received a bunch of new gifts that are tons of fun to play with. They said a proper thank you at your holiday gathering so, are thank you notes really necessary? Yes!

I’m not Miss Manners but, there are some things that I know are very important and thank you notes are one of them. I have teenagers who I have taught to write thank you notes for many reasons over the years. Now that they are getting jobs, looking at colleges, or get help from an adult for various reasons, thank you notes are essential. The thank you notes they have written have not only been appreciated, but have set my kids apart.

Your kids may think that writing thank you notes are hard and they may think they are unnecessary, but knowing how to write one could change their life.

How to Write Thank You Notes

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Dear Santa,

7 Dec

Today is Letter Writing Day so why not have your kids write a letter to the big guy! We’ve given you a link to Picklebums so you can download some cute holiday stationery your kids can use to write a letter to Santa. Also, the second link will give you Santa’s “address”. Some addresses given will actually send your child a return letter.


Letter to Santa

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