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Even in the Face of Death

11 Nov

My husband loves to tease me with opportunities for him to work overseas. If we didn’t have three school-aged kids, I’d jump at the opportunity. We even talk about living in other countries for months at a time when we finally become empty nesters. And although I’d love to live in another country, my heart will always belong to the USA.

I’m not sure why or when it happened but I consider myself very patriotic. In fact, every time I hear the national anthem and see Old Glory waving, I am almost brought to tears. My heart and prayers turn to the men and women around the world who have deliberately chosen to serve our country. It truly amazes me that teenagers are so brave that they are willing to fight and die for freedom and our country. It humbles me.

Now days, children see so much violence on television that actual war footage bears no horror for their young minds. Patriotic songs are rarely heard or sung and as seen in the “Occupy” protests, many people think our country owes them. But what do we owe to the soldiers who have fought for all of the freedoms we often take for granted? We owe them, and their families, our undying gratitude and respect for giving so freely of themselves even in the face of death.

On this Veteran’s Day, teach your kids to thank a veteran, or active member of the military, for the great service they give to our country. And, always remember the bravery of all who have fallen.

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