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7 Oct

Today’s International Smile Day and it’s a real, worldwide holiday started in 1999 by the man who created the  yellow happy face.

In my hectic world, this is a holiday I can embrace. There are no holiday cards to send out, a smile doesn’t cost a thing, it’s easy to create, even easier to give and is absolutely priceless when given.

I have been lucky enough to travel in many areas of the world and been in countries where I know very little of the native language. But, no matter where I go a smile has been spoken in every language. I have learned that a smile says, “Please, can you help me, I’m lost”, “Thank you for your kindness”, “The world is a beautiful place”, or “I am happiest when I am with my friends and family”. Even people I have seen in utter poverty have spoken volumes to me with their smile.

Closer to home I know a smile can be a reassuring word to an overwhelmed mother, it can say “Hello” to an older person who has few visitors or “It’s going to be okay” to a hurt child.

Can you give the gift of a smile today?  You could really “speak” to someone.

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