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Happy Birthday, Abe!

12 Feb

How much does your family know about one of our most famous presidents? In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, play a little trivia with your family over dinner and see how much you know. You may even want to come up with some bonus questions.

Print the questions, cut them apart, and ask each other the trivia questions.


What play was Abraham Lincoln watching when he was assassinated?

“Our American Cousin”

What city in Nebraska is named after Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln, Nebraska

What was Abraham Lincoln’s favorite sport?


What number president was Abraham Lincoln?


Who was Abraham Lincoln’s wife?

Mary Todd Lincoln

What was Abraham Lincoln’s nickname?

“Honest Abe”

What coin has Abraham Lincoln’s face on it?

The penny

What bill has Abraham Lincoln’s face on it?

The $5 bill

What was Abraham Lincoln’s most famous speech?

The Gettysburg Address

What kind of hat did Abraham Lincoln wear?

A stovepipe hat

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to wear this in office. What was it?

A beard

What type of house was Abraham Lincoln born in?

A log cabin

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