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Peculiar People

10 Jan

We’re all peculiar in some way or another. Here’s a simple activity to teach your kids that it’s what’s on the inside that really matters.


  • 2 boxes the same size
  • pretty wrapping paper
  • paper bag
  • candy
  • rocks
  • supplies for wrapping a package

Do this step without your child watching.

Put candy in one box and rocks in the other. Wrap the box of rocks in the pretty wrapping paper making sure that the entire package is beautiful and enticing. Wrap the box of candy in the paper bag. You may want to rub dirt on the bag or rub some oil on it so it looks really ratty. Try not to wrap it well.

This next step works best if you have more than one child.

When both presents are wrapped, present them to your child and ask which present he/she would like to have. Most likely, they will chose the pretty present. If there is another child, give them the other present. Have both children open their presents. Once they discover the contents of each present, discuss the importance of it doesn’t matter what is on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that’s really important.

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