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Prepping for Summer

24 May

Now that you’ve got your summer routine in set up, it’s time to start prepping so you’re not scrambling for activities when the kids are out of school. We have lots of ideas of things to have available for the kids and activities, but you should only choose the ones you feel comfortable doing. You might want to select two or three of the listed activities to prep for your kids’ summer.

Identify the major chores you want to teach your kids this summer and add them to your calendar. Find places you can volunteer with your kids. Discover what activities your library will have this summer. Research places you want to go on a field trip and find out their hours and directions.

Reading Programs: Gather the record sheets for the summer reading programs available to you. Kids of all ages can participate and often earn a prize for reading. It’s a great incentive. Here are some summer reading programs to try: Your library, Barnes and Noble or other bookstores, Scholastic Books, Sylvan Learning Centers, Half Price Bookstores, PBS, TD Bank, and Chuck E. Cheese.

Art Activities: This is one of the best lists of art materials and activities I’ve ever seen. The best thing is that everything on the list can be purchased at the dollar store. I’m going to choose 3-5 of the activities to have on hand because they are different than any we’ve done before. I’m definitely getting yellow highlighters for glow in the dark activities and plastic table cloths for easy to set up slip and slides. My girls will even use a lot of the ideas for babysitting.

Science Activities: Don’t be afraid, science can be as easy as having your kids mix vinegar and baking soda with eye droppers. Here are some other simple ideas: Make a leaf rubbing, bird feeder, plant some flowers, go geocaching, or melt an iceberg.

Writing Activities: Fill a basket with writing materials, make some shape books, covered books, accordion books.

Math Activities: Make a card holder and get a deck of cards, pick up some foam shapes for the bath tub, bake or cook something.

If you prep one thing from each activity now, you’ll have a trick to pull out of your sleeve at a moments notice. We even have great suggestions on our Pinterest board for you to check out. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, just ask us for an invite.

Also, we LOVE to see what you and your kids are up to this summer. Share some pictures with us on our Facebook page.

Yad Sdrawkcab

31 Jan

Kids LOVE backwards day because they love the silliness. Here are some fun ideas to help them celebrate.

  • Wear your clothes backwards (Your 3-year-old who likes to dress themselves, may want to wear their clothes forward today. ;))
  • Walk, crawl or hop backwards
  • Wear a ponytail on the front of your head
  • Eat dessert before dinner or dinner for breakfast
  • Write your name backwards and hold it to a mirror
  • Read a book from back to front
  • Recite the alphabet backwards
  • Tape paper under a chair, lie on the floor and draw a picture
  • Come up with palindromes (palindromes are words spelled the same forward and backwards like mom, wow, noon)
  • Sit backwards in a chair
  • Say good-bye when you should say hello or good night instead of good morning
  • Say yes when you might have said no


We’ve Been Busy Bees

29 Sep

The faculty at Smart Mom University has been so busy working on lots of great new things for busy parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers. We are so excited to share them with you beginning in October.

A few months ago, my husband said that if he were the primary caregiver, he wouldn’t know what to do with the kids all day. So of course, I told him to go to Smart Mom University and it would answer all of his questions! Being the linear type of guy that he is, he said he would rather have it laid out day-by-day. So, that’s what we did!

Beginning in October, we will produce a monthly calendar and suggest one simple activity you can incorporate into your family’s day for every day of the month. Daily theme ideas will come from Holiday Insights, bizarre, wacky and unusual holidays as well as traditional monthly holidays. All you have to do is download the calendar and you’ll have a month’s worth of activities at your fingertips. We’ve even provided links to directions and how-to information for each activity.

Not only that, we’ll add unique daily information on our Twitter and Facebook pages and we’ll post a daily blog tying into the activities or from our wonderful guest bloggers . Make sure you’ve signed up to get all of this great information and be sure to tell your friends.

We also excited to introduce you to our newest partner, Angela, at Anything But Perfect, who designed the adorable graphics for our calendars. She’s a stay-at-home mom to two boys and is a self-taught graphic designer. You have to visit her site for more fantastic, FREE downloads. I’ve already downloaded her “No Soliciting” sign and her “We’re out of candy” sign for Halloween. (Just in case, of course.) Angela also has an Etsy shop where she sells school notes with editable text fields. Perfect for any busy parent. We are so excited to be working with her!

That should be enough to digest for the time being. We’ll drop you hints as we get ready to share our other exciting happenings but, in the meantime, be sure to visit Smart Mom University for lots of new parenting information.

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