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Music to My Ears

11 Oct

Hopefully I’m not dating myself but I’m guessing you’ve heard the song, It’s My Party. I’d sing it for you but, trust me, you’d rather click here and listen to it than have me sing for you.

Today is, It’s My Party Day, and what’s a party without music. We sing song’s like Happy Birthday, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, and Auld Lang Syne, to celebrate events and achievements. But music is around us every day even when it’s not a holiday.

Research has told us that music is important for a child’s brain development, but music provides so much more. Music provides a closeness between parent and child; when you sing your newborn to sleep or dance together at your child’s wedding. Music teaches us history; wartime struggles, social changes, joyful experiences. We Didn’t Start the Fire, by Billy Joel packs 40 years of historical events into less than five minutes. And, introducing your child to music you love teaches them about your history.

Music encourages creativity; The Blue Man Group and The Voca People have uniquely creative musical styles. ┬áMusic helps define emotions. What teenage girl hasn’t found a song to help her through her latest heartache? Music builds reading and math skills, helps with concentration, coordination and relaxation. What more could you want?

Exposing your child to music doesn’t have to be formal. Listen to a bird’s song, the rustling of the leaves in the wind or the bang on some pots and pans. Listen for it. Music isn’t just for celebrations, it’s for every day.

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