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Daily Planning

23 May

Now that the big activities and events are on your summer calendar, it’s time to look individual days.

If you have younger children, you probably have a regular routine that you can continue during the summer. However, if you have a mix of younger kids and school age kids, it might not be so easy. Your school age kids aren’t used to being home with you every day and will want a plan that revolves around what they want to do.

Here are some suggestions to make everyone have a happy summer, and remember, this is a routine so it needs to remain flexible.

Before 9:00 Parents can do their things and the kids can have breakfast, sleep in, watch some cartoons, etc.

9:00 Everyone is out of their pjs, breakfast eaten and ready to start the day.

9-10:00ish Get in some time outdoors, play a game, do a simple art project, science experiment, run some errands, etc.

10:00-11:30ish Major day activity: Library, Volunteering, etc. Depending upon the age of your kids, you can incorporate the 9-10 time with this time.

11:30-12:30ish Make, eat and clean up lunch. The kids should help with all aspects of this

12:30-1:30ish Quiet time for everyone, even mom! Everyone retreats to their room for some time away from each other. This may mean naps, resting, reading or other quiet activity. We don’t recommend video or hand held games during this time because kids need to learn how to relax their body and mind.

1:30-4:30ish This is our get outside, learn how to play independently, go to the pool, have a friend over, tire the kids out time. Summer may seem like kids should stay up until all hours, but you will have less meltdowns and drama if the kids go to bed at a reasonable time. So use this time to get the kids worn out.

4:30-6:30ish Clean up, dinner prep, quiet play and dinner. This is a great time to have the kids help clean up after the outdoor activities. They can also help you prepare for dinner. At 5 years old, we think kids are ready to plan and cook a full meal with you at least once during the summer. Having them help you prepare daily meals will prepare them for making a meal on their own. It also gives you great time to talk to your kids. Younger kids can “cook” by playing with old spices and mixing bowls. Older kids may want to make pictures using left over cereal, dried beans, etc. while you cook. (Check out this idea our faculty member, Gretchen Stout, did with her kids at dinner time prep.)

6:30-7:30ish Special time with a parent. This is a great time to spend with mom or dad if they work outside the house. Or, you can spend individual time with just one child.

7:30-8:30ish Bath, bed and story time. Just because the kids went in the pool for the day doesn’t mean a bath isn’t important. The point of the bath is to set a bedtime routine and relax them for sleeping. You can make the bath fun by putting some glow sticks in the water and turning out the lights or fill the bath with lots of balloons. We’ve pinned a few fun bathtub ideas on our Pinterest board. Because it’s summer, you also don’t have to rush bath time, so let them play. After the bath, have the same routine about brushing teeth, putting on pjs and reading a story. Again, you don’t have to rush.

9:00ish Lights out and the grownups can spend some time together.

Colored Salt Light Box

14 Mar

Click here for a list of materials you will need.

Materials for March 12-16: Light Box Activities

10 Mar

Light boxes provide kids an unusual way to play, but can be very expensive. On Monday we’ll make an inexpensive light box, and during the rest of the week we’ll make different activities that your kids can use on their new light box.

This is what you will need this week.

Monday: Light Box

  • 1 Plastic tote (We’re using a 28 quart tote, but you can use a smaller one.)
  • Clear packing tape
  • Under the counter light (We’re using one with a plug so we don’t have to keep buying batteries.)
  • Waxed paper

Tuesday: Glass Beads

  • Glass beads, several different colors (You can find them in the floral section of the dollar store.)

Wednesday: Colored Salt

  • Table salt
  • Food coloring
  • Snack size Ziploc bags

Thursday: Water Beads

  • Dehydrated Water Beads, several colors (You can find these in the floral section at Walmart. The dollar stores carry them already hydrated but only in clear color.)
  • Clear plastic cups, bowls or plates

Friday: Plastic Discs

  • Soft, colored plastic see-through cups (SOLO brand) I found mine at Target
  • Parchment paper or foil
  • Cookie sheet

Tangram Activity Bag

5 Mar

Click here for the materials you will need.

From abcteach.com

  • Click here for books we recommend for more Tangram fun.
  • Click here to find out the skills Tangrams teach.
  • Click here to find out the history and other interesting facts about Tangrams.

As Seen on TV

7 Feb

If you didn’t see our Silly Snacks on Fox 4 Kansas City last Saturday, you can now! We’ve linked up the live segment on Silly Snacks and given you links for all of the activities we shared on TV. Enjoy!

Silly Snacks News Segment

Octopus Hot Dog

“O” is for Octopus Art

Sea Urchin Craft


Math with Seashells



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