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16 May

Allowance is always a tricky subject for families. We’ve included two different articles that you may find helpful about the topic of allowance. There are lots of view points on allowance and you need to decide what works for your family.

You can click on the picture to find out more information about this chore chart.

Dave Ramsey

National PTA

What Mom Really Wants

11 May

On my first Mother’s Day, I couldn’t wait to get away from my baby. I know that sounds terrible, but you just might be surprised to find that there are lots of moms who feel this way. I was working full-time, teaching, so I was surrounded by kids all of the time. Not only that, I had no idea what I was doing as a parent and I felt like I was drowning. Fortunately, my husband was very in tune with what I was feeling and planned a very special day just for the two of us.

Over the years, my family has grown and we have celebrated Mother’s Day in a variety of ways but we still have many traditions. My kids always bring me breakfast in bed and as they’ve gotten older, the breakfast has gotten better! We go to church together, as a family and during the day, I take some time for myself. My favorite treat is to lay in the hammock, covered with a blanket and I read until I fall asleep. In the evening we go out to dinner so I don’t have to cook. These are such special gifts my family gives to me each year.

Do you know how the mom in your family likes to celebrate her special day? Ask her what she would like to do. Here’s what some of our moms would like to do.

Make Something for Mom

10 May

If you’ve got a mom who loves to read and has a sense of humor, she’ll love getting one of these funny bookmarks for Mother’s Day. Create a silly pose and snap a picture. It’s as easy as that. Click on the picture for the complete directions.

Cook for Mom

9 May

You may take mom out for brunch on Mother’s Day, but she probably doesn’t want to cook dinner on her special day either. Here’s a very simple and yummy recipe dad and the kids can make together. Add a baked potato and a salad (you can make one at the grocery store salad bar) and your set. Click on the picture for the directions.

Pamper Mom

8 May
If you have a hard time viewing, click on the title.
This is a simple activity for dads and kids to make together for mom. Dads, you can use any shape bottle and can usually get them at the dollar store or craft store for a very reasonable price. We’ve added where you can pick up the other items to make shopping easier. This also makes a great gift for grandmas and is easy to make in the classroom.
You can click on the picture for the entire article.
– mixing bowl and spoon (kitchen)
– bottle or jar (dollar store or craft store)
– 1 cup white sugar (kitchen or grocery store)
– 1/3 cup + 2 teaspoons good quality oil (I used olive oil, but you can use any nice, non-smelly oil) (kitchen, grocery store or drug store)
– 3-4 drops of yummy-scented essential oil per jar (I went with mandarin, peppermint, and lavender) (craft or health food store)
Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Place the scrub into the jar. You may need to use a funnel to get it into the jar depending upon how wide the mouth of the jar is.


27 Apr

Today, I’m excited to share some fingerplay videos with you from our local library. They have a program called 6 by 6 which introduces parents to the six reading skill children should have by they time they are six years old and beginning to read. You can access the entire program and videos by clicking here.

You can view three of the videos here, including one in Spanish. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, I think this song is easy enough to learn so you can share it with your child. Foreign languages at an early age build brain power!



Easy, Peasy Homemade Baby Food

25 Apr


Moms Need Friends Too

3 Feb

Today we are so excited to have our new friend, Christine, at truebluematch.com as a guest blogger today. This is great advice for dads, too.

Making and keeping good friends requires some attention and time.  With all the wild demands of parenthood it is no wonder that busy moms often put friendships on the back burner.  However, friendships are key to happy and effective parenting and need to be made a priority.  Luckily, friendships give back so many wonderful benefits that the TLC devoted to them is time and energy well spent.

Moms often think that taking time to spend with a friend is selfish and that it takes away from their child.  Quite the opposite is true!  After enjoying a walk, a dinner or even a quick phone call with a friend there is a biological change that actually calms you and prepares you to take on the next parenting task with reduced stress.  Oxytocin, a natural calming, stress-reducing hormone is released when women spend time together.  Researchers call this natural tendency to want to spend time with other women “Tend and Befriend.”  We are all hard-wired for this need and our bodies respond so positively when we take time to enjoy with friends.

Friendship has been shown to protect against major depression and anxiety for women.  Social and emotional support is linked in many studies to lowered heart rates, lower blood pressure and decreased stress hormones.  It has also been shown to increase longevity through all of these health benefits.

Moms are wise to prioritize their health needs.  Just as you would be sure to buckle your seat belt, keep a healthy diet and exercise adding, “Take time to spend with a friend” is just as important.  The research has proven it but you don’t need to read the studies, instead take that time to do your own experiment.  Call up a friend and schedule some time to do something together.  Then see how you feel when you return home to your family.  You’ll see that everyone will benefit from you taking the time to refuel with a friend.

The Author, Christine Cook is the founder of truebluematch.com, a friendship matching website for parents of young children.  It matches moms with moms and dads with other dads for face to face friendship with others in their area.  She is certain that the true blue friends in her own life have been a key element in enjoying the past 16 years of happy, healthy parenting.

One-to-One Time

14 Nov

Today is Universal Children’s Day. We’d like to thank our guest blogger, Dr. Keith Kanner, for reminding us how important it is to spend time with our children.

You’ve heard the old saying “quality time” versus “quantity time” haven’t you? Well, when it comes to spending time with your kids, this old adage speaks loud and clear.  Most invested parents do their best to spend time with their kids and hope that those times together will be cherished moments in the minds of their child, but how a parent spends time with a child is what it’s all about.  One characteristic of all children is that they crave the attention of their parents.  It is something I call “love fuel”.  It assures them they are important, valued, loved, respected, and liked by you.  Pretty important stuff for a kid especially if they’re young.  In fact, development teaches us that the kids who “get enough love and attention “ in the early years – the first 3 to be most specific – the better chances they have to stay mentally healthy. Such “critical” periods are from years 0-3 and then again 12 – 14.  I have always viewed the teenagers as large toddlers. Just take off the first number of a teenager and this mirrors how they act sometimes. During these time periods, the parental attention need factor is at an all time high, but between these times, the attention from the parent remains needed for kids to develop healthfully. And, once they get their “fill”, they calm down.

Once kids feel liked by their parents, they like themselves and assume that others will like them also.  This gives children the push towards socialization.  But, it still gets back to how parents celebrate their child’s personality which is necessary as children change throughout the years.
Family-time is also essential but is separate from the one to one.  I always suggest a combination of both for every child savors that moment alone with either mom or dad.  Many parents get nervous that it make take up too much time to do both, but the perception of time for a child is different than that of an adult.  For example, 15 minutes for a 5 year old feels like 2 hours for a 10 year-old.  Once again, it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.  That 15 minutes for the 5 year old makes their day.
Finding things to do alone with your child is also not that complicated.  Ask them what they want to do with you for that slice of time.  If the request is too much, then ask them to pick something else.  If they can’t come up with something, be creative yourself.  You know your child.  Pick something fun.
If you have multiple children, then the other factor is keeping your other kids busy doing something else when you are alone-timing with another.  Take turns with your partner or consider arranging some sort of play time with one of their friends. Or, just tell your other kids that you are taking turns and their turn will be delivered shortly.  As long as it’s fair, most kids will tolerate some frustration as long as it’s not too long.
Family time sets the stage for future family relationships, but nothing replaces the one to one time a parent shares with their child.  These are the moments that kids remember more than any others.
Dr. Keith Kanner
Anchor/Host Your Family Matters

Look What We’re Giving Away

21 Sep

Ask your kids, “What do I (mom/dad) do that makes you feel important?”

Let us know what your child says by leaving a comment below. Or, if your child doesn’t talk, yet, let us know what you do or are planning to do to make your child feel important.

We will randomly select one person who commented to win The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents, by Randy Rolfe, family counselor, author, motivational speaker and radio host of Family First. We’ve read our copy and it’s a great reminder of the successes we have as a parent and of where we can improve.

We can’t wait to hear what your kids say!

You can listen to Randy’s fantastic interviews by clicking here.

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