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Make Something for Mom

10 May

If you’ve got a mom who loves to read and has a sense of humor, she’ll love getting one of these funny bookmarks for Mother’s Day. Create a silly pose and snap a picture. It’s as easy as that. Click on the picture for the complete directions.

Simple Pop-Up Books for Your Little Writer

13 Apr

Simple Quick-Fold Books for Your Little Author

12 Apr

Simple Shape Books for Your Little Author

11 Apr

Simple Accordion Books for Your Little Author

9 Apr

You can also use a pre-folded map as pages for the book.

To Our Children’s Children

23 Dec

Many, many years ago, my older brother video taped our grandfather telling his stories over cake and coffee in their apartment. It was fantastic, but I really wish there had been more footage and, I really wished we had interviewed my grandmother, too.

When my parents decided to sell our childhood home after 37 years, I interviewed my siblings about their memories of the house. Because I’m so much younger than them, I had no idea of the shenanigans that went on before my time! It’s a fantastic record of the history that went on in our house.

A few years before our father passed away, I went to visit him and my mom and decided that I would take some time to interview him. I was able to spend several days, covering six hours, interviewing him about his life. It was very informal and I used the book To Our Children’s Children* as a guide for questions. At this point, I haven’t done anything with the video but, hope someday to self publish a children’s book for my grandchildren. The arrival of my grandchildren is very far off but the time will allow me to go through the videos and record my family’s history for future generations. Although this interview may seem irrelevant to my kids now I know they will appreciate it in years to come.

This holiday, when your family gets together, set up an interview station in a quiet area of the house complete with a list of questions and directions on how to turn on the video camera. Ask everyone to take some time answering the questions. Not only will you have a family history, you will have a live recording of your relatives voice and personality. What a great way to capture your family’s roots.

*To Our Children’s Children is a book to assist you in interviewing friends and family about their personal history. The book is broken down into chapters by theme such as childhood, marriage, etc. It ask questions such as ‘Who were you named for?’ or ‘When did you get your first gray hair?’ It’s a serious yet clever way to get your family to open up about their lives.

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How to Make Your Kids Not Love Books

5 Nov

I hated to read as a kid and I’m not really sure why. I’d go to the library all of the time but the selection of books didn’t seem all that great. And even though I’d come home with books, the only ones I vividly remember reading were from the Encyclopedia Brown series.

As a mother, and teacher, I was determined to make my kids love reading and I wanted them to learn to read early in their lives. I read to them often as infants and toddlers but when they got to preschool, I was sure I could teach my kids to read before they got to kindergarten. Surely, I thought, that would make them fantastic readers.


My two oldest kids learned to read when they were around four. I was so proud they could read above their age level, sound out long words, they must be BRILLIANT! When they finally went to school, other moms asked how they learned to read before kindergarten. I thought this was my crowning glory.

Unfortunately, by the time my kids were in third grade, most of they other kids caught up and surpassed them in reading. Yes, my kids were reading. Yes, they were sounding out long words, but they didn’t understand a thing they were reading! When my kids were busy reading long words in chapter books, other kids were reading books they could understand and building their comprehension. Instead of creating book lovers, I created kids who disliked reading.

However, when our third child came along, I read to her, let her play with books and allowed her learn to read at her own pace. (I do admit, that I was a little concerned in Kindergarten when she was having trouble with her letter sounds.) Now, she’s ten and her worst punishment is to have her books taken away! She has at least four books going at a time, she reads when she’s supposed to be getting ready for school and she giggles or laughs out loud because she understands the author’s humor. That’s a book lover.

So, I didn’t make my oldest kids passionate readers. They are passionate about other things. But, one day, I know they will pick up a book and discover that they are also passionate book lovers, too.

Tips for teaching your kids to love reading

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