Yad Sdrawkcab

31 Jan

Kids LOVE backwards day because they love the silliness. Here are some fun ideas to help them celebrate.

  • Wear your clothes backwards (Your 3-year-old who likes to dress themselves, may want to wear their clothes forward today. ;))
  • Walk, crawl or hop backwards
  • Wear a ponytail on the front of your head
  • Eat dessert before dinner or dinner for breakfast
  • Write your name backwards and hold it to a mirror
  • Read a book from back to front
  • Recite the alphabet backwards
  • Tape paper under a chair, lie on the floor and draw a picture
  • Come up with palindromes (palindromes are words spelled the same forward and backwards like mom, wow, noon)
  • Sit backwards in a chair
  • Say good-bye when you should say hello or good night instead of good morning
  • Say yes when you might have said no


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