Impressionistic Art with Kids

20 Jan

Paul Cezanne was a French painter who primarily painted still life pictures. A still life is a picture of something alive but the objects can’t move; for example, fruit and flowers. Cezanne also believed that everything was made up of shapes including spheres, cones, cylinders or cubes. Kids can create their own still life based on Cezanne’s principles of shape.

  • Arrange some fruit in a bowl and place it on a table.
  • Talk about the shapes of the fruit and the bowl. Younger children will most likely use the shapes circle, triangle, rectangle and square because they are familiar with those shapes.
  • Your child can cut or tear pieces of paper into the shapes that resemble the fruit and bowl and glue them on paper. They can also color or paint the shapes on paper.

Once your child breaks the still life into shapes, it will be much easier for them to recreate it on their paper.


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