Are You Missing Someone?

10 Nov

How do you answer this question?

Who are you?

Was mom, wife, employee, laundress, maid, doctor, or master planner one of the first things that came to mind? What would you have said to this question before you had children? It’s time to find out who you’ve become.

My first answers would be mom and wife. I am proud to be mom and proud of the job that I have done raising my kids. I am also proud to be a wife and partner in my marriage. But for a while there, I, like most moms, forgot that there is more to me and didn’t take the time to explore and grow the things I delight in. Getting started only seems more difficult than it really is.

  • Start by eating and sleeping well. The laundry can wait.
  • Take a walk or exercise once a day.
  • Find time to relax. You can start with small amounts of time or hire a baby sitter. The dishes can wait.
  • Accept compliments. Just say thank you instead of putting down or minimizing what you do well.
  • Take a class that interests you. Check your library, recreation center or junior college for classes. Your spouse can get the kids to bed.
  • Get a little job that interests you, even if it only covers the babysitter costs. Adult interaction is good for moms.

Finding who you’ve become doesn’t happen over night and it isn’t easy. Ask a friend to help you along your journey and support you in your new discovery. Define yourself.

Recommended Reading:

What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self by Ellyn Spragins


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