Reading Makes You More Interesting

8 Nov

Have you ever had a conversation with someone at a party and when you tell them that you’re a mom, the conversation stops on a dime? When I used to go to my husband’s work parties, conversations were short-lived because no one wanted to talk about how many loads of laundry I did that day or how many diapers I changed, and neither did I. But what was there to talk about? LOTS, and reading was the key.

It started out with People and Time Magazines. I quickly caught up on the latest gossip and general world affairs by reading the taglines under the pictures and the quick little articles. Next, I moved on to the local paper so I could read the business page and keep up with what was going on in my husband’s industry. Periodically I would read, no scan is a better word, the headlines in the sports page. As time went on and my kids got older, I wanted them to see me reading so I started picking up a book or two on Oprah’s reading list or one of the new releases at the library.

It’s amazing how much conversation started to flow at get-togethers after I started reading. What are you going to read today?

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