My Life Was One Big Sandwich

3 Nov

For years I tried to sandwich too much into my day leaving me stressed out and feeling unsuccessful because I didn’t complete my entire to-do list. Well, no more! I’ve lightened up in every aspect of my life.

Step One: Get Rid of the Excess

As a family we decided that the most important thing in our life was spending time together. How could we spend more time together if we were running to sporting events and activities every second of the day?  Today, each child chooses one sport or activity during a season. We spend time cheering each other on instead of the divide and conquer route.

Excess even carried into our stuff. We had several, and I don’t mean one or two, boxes that made more than three moves across the country and had never been opened. Out they went! We even pared down on the decorative excess around the house. I kept dusting around the same meaningless stuff. We kept the basics and added family photos or something special we brought back from a trip that provide great memories and topics of discussion.

Out went the clothes that we were certain would come back in style or we would fit into when we lost a few pounds.

Step 2: Organize

Once we pared down, it was easier to organize our belongings and find what we needed. The greatest organizing tool I ever bought was my label maker. Not only are we organized, but now, since everything is labeled, even guests know where things are kept.

Try some of these organizational ideas to get you started.

Step Three: Routines

Morning routines, cleaning routines, school routines, bedtime routines. After paring down and organizing there was less of an overwhelming feeling in the house and we were able to create manageable routines that worked with our schedules. They don’t work perfectly every day but a little glitch once in a while doesn’t disrupt our whole week.

Here are some routine ideas and charts to make it easier for you and your family.

Step Four, Say NO

This was the hardest step for me because I’m a helper by nature. It got easier to say no, though, because my main goal was to spend more time with my family and if I took on more activities that would mean less time with my husband and kids.

This didn’t happen overnight and we tweaked things as time went on, but I don’t feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place sandwich anymore.

Download our November Activity Calendar for kids.


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