28 Oct

Today is another bizarre and wacky holiday; Plush Animal Day. Here’s a picture of what my mother said was my favorite stuffed animal. However, I may hear from one of my five siblings that, no, this was actually their favorite stuffed animal and how did I end up with it. Well, whatever the story, all kids have something that’s their favorite, but how do you know what to keep.

I’m a real thower-outer but, I know, that for some moms that is synonymous with walking over fire and they just wouldn’t do it. Whether you like to simplify, or keep everything that your child handled, here are some things to keep in mind.

Your child will be in school for 12+ years and there will be a lot of paper that comes home. Choose stories that are well written, and only the final copy. Keep your child’s report cards and test scores. Worksheets and spelling tests are a dime a dozen and don’t need to be saved.

The plethora of art work you will receive over the years could probably decorate a small gallery. Be selective. Choose pieces that have handprints or footprints, ones that show how their artistic skills are changing, or really nice pieces your child has worked on for a long period of time. Your child’s other art work always makes a nice gift for grandma and grandpa or looks great framed until the next piece comes home.

Baby clothing is absolutely adorable. However, if it’s not stored correctly it can be moth eaten, faded or completely ruined. Most pieces of clothing would be better off given to someone who can use them. If you are compelled to save your child’s clothing, save one or two really special or unique pieces of clothing that could look cute framed in your grandchild’s room.

I’ve never quite understood the fascination with having a bazillion stuffed animals. Maybe someday, someone can explain it to me. If you want to save one of your child’s stuffed animals, think about whether your child really had a connection to it, the value of the animal, or who gave them the animal. Very few stuffed animals retain any value over time, and Beanie Babies have seen their rise and fall already. Although I still have my stuffed animal, it is packed away in a box and will probably never again see the light of day. I guess someday I’ll find out why I’m saving it.

Yes, I’ve saved some of my kids things over the years and they fit nicely into two plastic storage boxes. They know their art and school work from over the years is in one of them but they have never asked to look at it. Instead, they would rather sit down and look at pictures from over the years. And pictures are a lot easier to keep than all that stuff.

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