Discovery Day

10 Oct

Have you ever been with someone when they have discovered something? An infant discovering his toes, a child discovering a nest, or an adult discovering a new passion. If you have ever experienced someone making a discovery you know how exciting it can be and how full your heart can become.

Discoveries don’t have to be big or even right. They just need to be made. Children need to be allowed to make discoveries daily that allow them to succeed and fail so that they learn valuable life skills such as joy and how to get back up.

In honor of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America, we are claiming today to be discovery day! Yes, Columbus discovered America but…he thought he was discovering India. Oops! People of his time thought the world was flat, but he discovered it was round and he didn’t fall off the horizon line when his ship sailed over it.

Today, let your child make some discoveries of their own; good or bad. We’ve given you a few ideas below to get you started.

Remember, not every discovery is going to be perfect, it’s how you get up from the discovery that’s important.

Discovery Ideas

  • Give your child a rimmed cookie sheet with several small bowls. Fill a bowl with, baking soda, one with salt, and one with sugar. Fill another bowl with water, one with vinegar and one with milk. Provide them with empty bowls and let them discover. 
  • Put food coloring in some ice cube trays and give your child an eye dropper or old medicine dropper.
  • Cut straws into different lengths and cut pipe cleaners into fourths and see what your child discovers.

For more discovery ideas, visit our website, Smart Mom University.


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