It’s All In the Name

3 Oct

We have names, our kids have names, even our pets have names. But what about your car? Today’s bizarre and unusual holiday is all about your car; Happy Name Your Car Day!

Both of our cars have names. They aren’t dynamic or inspiring, and we didn’t spend as much time selecting them as we did our kids’ names, but they have names all the same.

Our mini van is called Junior. Our kids were really attached to the car before that we had named Bessie. Bessie got us to the gas station when we were running on fumes, through hundreds of inches of snow and many miles back and forth across the country. We loved Bessie. But, when she had run her course and it was time to replace her, the kids wanted to name the new car Bessie, Jr. Well over the years, Bessie, Jr. got shortened to Junior and the name stuck. See it’s really not an exciting story but the kids love the name.

My husband’s car is a small, gray sedan that has an antennae on top that looks like a fin. So one day, when we were following him in the car, the kids thought his car looked like a shark because of the color and “fin” leading them to name the car Jaws. Trust me, the name is far mightier than the car itself.

I know there are others of you who have named your car but, in case you haven’t bestowed a meaningful name on your car, here are some suggestions on how to select a name.

Now that you know the story of our cars’ names, tell us your story on our Facebook page. We’d love it even more if you posted a picture of your beloved car!

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