Home Routines Improve School Performance

17 Aug

Ask your child what their routine is at school and they can list every activity/subject for every moment of the day. They love it because they feel safe in knowing exactly what is going to happen throughout the day. Having routines at home will only improve your child’s learning at school.

Morning Routines

Your morning routine is probably the same everyday. Now it’s time to set a morning routine for your kids. Talk with your kids about what they need to do before they go to school every morning; brush teeth, comb hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, make bed, etc. Provide your child with picture and word prompts that will help them remember their morning routine.

Breakfast Routine

Set up a routine for what you will be having for breakfast each day of the week; eggs on Monday, pancakes on Tuesday, etc. This will make it much easier for you in the mornings because you will already have a breakfast plan. You can even make breakfast items the night before or freeze them (egg casseroles, muffins). Fiber, meat, fruit/vegetables and dairy products should be included in breakfast meals because will keep your kids’ bodies full of food and energy.

Homecoming Routine

Whether your kids come home right away or spend time in after-school care, it’s important to have a homecoming routine. Provide a healthy snack and 15 minutes of quiet time for everyone. This will give kids and parents an opportunity to regroup after a long day.

Dinner Routine

Families are finding it much harder to sit down to eat together but it’s an important routine in a child’s life. As often as you can, enjoy a family meal together and converse without the added noise of television. Try to eat around the same time every night.

Bedtime Routine

This is probably the most difficult routine to adhere to because it’s at the end of the day and everyone is exhausted. Try to begin your routine at the same time every night. Turning on quiet music can be a signal to your kids that it’s time to start getting ready for bed. Use picture and word cards so that your child knows exactly what tasks need to be accomplished before they fall asleep. Remember that getting ready for bed should be a peaceful activity and roughhousing should be done earlier in the day.

Routines provide an outline for the day and a sense of security for your child, but are not set in stone. There are days where your routines will change but good communication with your child will make any changes easy.

For detailed information about all of these routines, visit the Smart Mom University campus. Routines, Breakfast


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