The Prescription for Brain Drain

3 Aug

Now that summer’s almost over, it’s time to make sure your kids haven’t contracted the dreaded summer disease – BRAIN DRAIN!

If you didn’t get a chance to read my pre-summer blog on brain drain, here’s my end-of-summer blog on brain drain. This blog is not meant to imply any guilt, because I  admit that my kids have caught a slight case of the disease this summer, too. But, it’s not too late to cure them before school starts.

“Brain drain” is the trendy phrase that means your kids suffer a learning loss that usually occurs during the summer months. And, although the term is cute and rhymes, brain drain is a real issue. Johns Hopkins University Center for Summer Learning researched the topic and found that all children experience some form of learning loss during the summer, and that some kids lose up to 2.6 months of learning! Basically, this means that teachers spend the first two months of a new school year reviewing, and children don’t begin learning new academic material until November. Yikes!

So what can you do? If your child’s been reading, exploring, discovering, visiting museums, talking with you, counting money or items, then you’re off to a great start and you need to keep it up. On the other hand, if your child hasn’t had many of these experiences, it’s time to wipe away the cobwebs and start revving up for school.

Here are some teacher prescribed activities to cure your child of brain drain.

  • Read to, with and next to your kids, even if it’s the comics. Reading is reading.
  • Cook something together. Cooking works on time, temperature, measurement, fractions, pouring and many other skills.
  • Visit a museum, especially a hands-on museum. While your there ask your child open-ended questions about what they are doing.
  • Get outside and explore nature. Let your kids dig, climb, observe.
  • Have your child write a list of all the things he did this summer and things he’d wished he’d done.
The activity doesn’t have to be long or intensive; just fun. It’s also important to give your child the opportunity to lead you in activities or discussions. If you start treating brain drain now, your child will be cured and ready to start a successful, new school year.
For additional activities to encourage learning, visit our campus and search “back-to-school”. 

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