Is Summer Really Over Already?

13 Jul

I hate this time of year! It’s still summer, but school starts in four weeks and in two weeks I have to get my kids back on a school schedule. I feel bipolar; let them enjoy summer or get them off to a good start at school.

Unfortunately for my kids, getting them ready for school will be a priority in our house starting at the beginning of August. However, the next two weeks are actually going to be the hardest of the whole process. It takes me weeks of training to begin toughening up my inner self. What for, you ask? Well, two teenagers that love to stay up late and sleep in even later and a tween who thinks she’s a teenager but gets up early would be the three reasons. The fussing, arguing and yelling at me because they’re tired, and I woke them up early, is why I’m going into training.

As a former teacher, I know the importance of kids being ready for the beginning of school. As a parent, I know my kids won’t be ready for school if they keep up this sleep schedule.

Over the next few weeks, my blogs will cover simple strategies and fun activities on how to get your kids ready for a successful new school year. Also, Dr. Keith Kanner will be a guest blogger on the same topic. You’ll love both of the blogs and will be completely equipped for back-to-school.


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